Grupo Dolsa


Security and Good Condition of its Products: We grant the highest security to your materials and products, through the extraordinary conditions of our warehouses, our trained team to operate and our equipment to maneuver.

Flexibility: We adapt quickly to your need, referring to volumes and frequencies of your operation, such as spaces to be stored, response time and allocation of resources.

We generate Economic Value for your Company: You avoid investment property or unnecessary forced rents, You convert your fixed costs into variable costs, and as a result of the previous two you obtain superior and sustainable returns in time.

You consolidate a successful operation: We offer you a flexible Service Contract, without forced deadlines, with service levels, and confidentiality in the handling of your information and general techniques of your company. Depending on the type of Contract we can offer you exclusivity, you have more time when dealing with your Logistics Operation with a single supplier.

Other Benefits: Increase the reliability of your Physical Inventories vs. System, You will have real-time visualization of your stocks and deliveries to customers, Eliminate damages, loss or theft, Eliminate administrative charges for rentals of warehouses and personnel management.

We are interested in your Tranquility: As a result of the above reasons, we guarantee our customers their complete satisfaction by offering a well-articulated, competent and flexible Logistic Operation.

Our coverage

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Nivel Nacional

Strategically located in the most important industrial area of Nuevo León, operating with National and Imported materials and products, we are ready to assist you via WhatsApp or by phone.
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